Technological Solutions

Crafting robust backends with PHP, Laravel, NodeJs, Javascript, and Java. Delving deep into the blockchain with smart contract creation via Solidity, and designing dynamic DApps with React. Your journey to seamless digital solutions starts here.

Example Apps

Perfect for learners and enthusiasts! Engage with our Dummy Apps to understand core functionalities

Basic Post App

A straightforward platform designed for effortless posting and real-time commenting with posts rating feature. Experience the simplicity of sharing content and engaging in dynamic discussions.

Updates App

A dedicated platform where users share timely updates tailored to specific locations. Navigate the world around you with real-time posts from local voices, ensuring you're always in the know, wherever you go

Percentage calculator

Designed to simplify percentage-based calculations. Whether you're determining discounts, or analyzing data, this tool offers precise results at lightning speed. Making percentages straightforward, one calculation at a time.

Financial Calculator

specialized for the savvy spender and investor. Designed exclusively to gauge percent increases and decreases, it helps in tracking price fluctuations with accuracy. Helps in assessing market trends and analyzing investment returns.

Big Number Calculator

Helps compute extraordinarily large figures with ease, this tool is perfect for advanced mathematical problems, scientific calculations, or any scenario where standard calculators fall short. Tackle gigantic sums with reliability and accuracy.

Wallet Feature

Wallet feature on the site is a seamless and secure way to add funds and tip authors. Effortlessly deposit, withdraw, and tip your favorite authors directly. Looking to support exceptional authors, the Wallet Feature is a good solution.

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